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Effective 6/21/21

I (we) agree that any statements submitted in regard to this application become property of the USLHC and I (we) voluntarily relinquish any right to them. The following information will help USLHC in its efforts to keep better records concerning Lancashire Heelers and their owners.

Thank you for completing the form accurately and carefully.

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USLHC Member Sponsors

A member in good standing is an individual who is not suspended by the AKC or USLHC and whose dues for the year are already paid. Sponsors shall know the good character of the applicant(s) and be from different households.
List each USLHC Member who is sponsoring you below. Once the application is submitted the membership committee will contact the sponsors.

By signing this application, I agree to abide by the following as set forth by the USLHC.

  • To abide by and uphold the principles of the USLHC Constitution and Bylaws and the American Kennel Club regulations including the AKC Code of Sportsmanship.
  • To encourage and maintain the best accepted, reasonable and responsible standards of canine health, hygiene, feeding, care, and training.
  • Encourage and support participation in the Health & Pedigree Database maintained by the USLHC for all Lancashire Heelers.
  • Be mentors for the breed, willingly sharing your knowledge and experience related to Lancashire Heelers and information relating to participation in dog sports and activities with others.
  • Not sell, place, or consign any Lancashire Heeler to a commercial facility, business, or agent thereof.
  • Not to relinquish any Lancashire Heeler to an animal shelter.
  • All applications will be reviewed by the USLHC Board of Directors and will be voted on acceptance.
  • Member acceptance is dependent on majority board vote.
  • Applicant must be 18 years of age or this application must be co-signed by their parent or legal guardian.
  • One person (or family) per application.
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The United States Lancashire Heeler Club Constitution & By Laws
Adopted by the Membership 6/21/21

Membership Types

Regular Members enjoy all club privileges including the right to vote and hold office.
Please select either a type of regular membership or the life membership.

  • Individual membership shall be for one adult. Dues: $15 annually.

  • Family membership shall be for two adults living in the same household. Only one member may hold office. Dues: $25 annually.

  • Junior membership shall be for children under 18 years of age. This is a non-voting / non-office holding membership which may automatically convert to regular membership at age 18. A parent or legal guardian must co-sign this application. Dues: $0 annually.

  • Foreign membership shall be for individuals who are not residents of the U.S. (or its
    territories and possessions). They shall be entitled to all club privileges except voting, holding office, board positions, and serving on committees. Dues: $15 annually, payable in US dollars.

  • Life Membership is open to those individuals who have been members for 20 consecutive years. Life members pay no dues but are eligible to vote and hold office.