The United States Lancashire Heeler Club Project Update – WE DID IT! The Lancashire Heeler will compete in the Herding group starting January 1, 2024. Congratulations to our breed!

​In 2017, the club started the process to request consideration to be moved from the FSS class to Miscellaneous Class. A written request of the AKC was sent to the FSS program as our Miscellaneous Class criteria had been met.

Today, the USLHC continues to pursue full breed recognition by registering dogs born in the U.S., participating in conformation shows, agility, obedience, rally, workshops, seminars and breed ambassador opportunities.

The following is a status update on the USLHC progress towards full AKC recognition!

Completed – The club has an approved Breed Standard on file with AKC

Completed – Confirmation of Board approved interest in applying for Member Club

Completed – A minimum of one year has elapsed since entering the Miscellaneous Class

Completed – USLHC successfully conducted 3 Open Shows for all Miscellaneous and FSS breeds – the first open show was in Lincoln, Nebraska in May 2021 in conjunction with the Nebraska Kennel Club. Two additional OPEN Shows were in Greeley Colorado August 2021 in in conjunction American Portuguese Podengo MG Club. Congratulations to our members!

Completed – Constitution and bylaws have been reviewed by AKC Club Relations and have been approved by the USLHC Members.

Completed – A minimum of 20 litters bred and enrolled while the breed is in Miscellaneous to ensure that the breed is established and sustainable – A total of 22 litters to date.

Completed – Preliminary Judges Education course was developed in collaboration with AKC Staff. This preliminary presentation will be made available for use for Judges Ed until the AKC Canine College project has been completed.

Completed – Minimum of ten dogs earning Certificate of Merit (CM) titles owned by Parent Club members.

Completed – Minimum of three Judges Education Seminars conducted by the Parent Club while in the Miscellaneous Class. The Judges Education Committee has been developed and the positions on the committee have been assigned. We have 3 AKC judges working on this project and two AKC Consultants to review and approve the project. Judges Ed is currently being scheduled for Spring 2023 and will be available online, at dog shows, and through the AKC Education Department.

Completed– Growth in registration of litters and dogs to a minimum of 300 dogs with three-generation pedigrees.

The below IN PROCESS projects are prioritized in order of project size and the deadline for AKC and our Annual meeting date.

The below are projects that the club continues to work on.

On Going – Minutes of Board and Annual Meetings as well as Newsletters are submitted and reviewed by AKC as they are submitted.

On Going – Membership updated annually, including a separate electronic membership upload to AKC.

On Going – Membership growth to approximately 100 members, with reasonable geographic distribution

Normally breeds remain in the Miscellaneous Class one to three years. Advancement to full registration will be contingent on growth in enrollment of dogs in FSS and participation in AKC events and completion of required club framework. When all criteria are met, the information is presented to the AKC Board of Directors for approval to move to full AKC recognition and breed conformation competition.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) maintains the largest registry of purebred dogs in the world and the USLHC embarked on that process over 10 years ago with the formation of the US Lancashire Heeler Club.

Club members registered their dogs with the AKC FSS (Foundation Stock Service). This was the first step taken towards full breed recognition by the AKC.

More information on the FSS program can be found at

Foundation Stock Service® Program Home